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Prime Minister Thanks Team PNG APEC

Friday 3rd August 2018 

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill thanked the PNG APEC team today for their hard work

and encouraged the staff to continue their work to deliver their best in the upcoming APEC

2018 events.

The Prime Minister who met with the team this Morning at the International Convention

Center was accompanied by the Chief Secretary, Issac Lupari, APEC Minister Hon. Justin

Tkatchenko, APEC Chief Executive Officer, Chris Hawkins, and APEC Director General, Sir

Charles Lepani.

Prime Minister O’Neill said the Government has committed a lot of money to build

infrustructure for APEC which will be beneficial for the country in the futture.

“You will play an important role in forming the history of PNG.”

“This is an important opportunity for our country to shine.”

“We are spending money but we are building infrustructure that will be used in many

generations and I would like to thank our development partners; Australia, Japan, New

Zealand, China, United States,” Said O’Neill.

APEC Minister Hon. Justin Tkatchenko, also shared similar sentiments by encouraging the

PNG APEC team and reaffirming his support.

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari acknowledged the Prime Miniter for his leadership in bringing

APEC to PNG and his continuous support to APEC. In his speech, Isaac also thanked

development partners especially Australia, New Zealand and USA for assiting wth security

protocols and processes.

“We belive APEC is a game changer for this country ... and the world will know where Papua

New Guinea is,” Said Lupari.

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ABAC PNG Successfully Co-Hosts Major International Digital Forum in Taipei

  The APEC Business Advisory Council of Papua New Guinea (ABAC PNG) has successfully co-hosted a major ABAC Digital Innovation Forum with ABAC Chinese Taipei, held at the Taipei International Convention Centre on the 19th and 20th of July 2018. The Forum was a major success with over 2,500 attendees and nearly 40 distinguished speakers from around the world, including his Excellency, Toomas Hendrick Ilves, former President of Estonia, Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, Geoffrey Prentice, Co-founder of Skype, David Rowan, Founding Editor in Chief of Wired UK, Phil Libin, CEO of AI Turtles and former CEO of Evernote, as well as the World’s First Android Citizen, Sophia. 

The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for high caliber, visionary speakers, moderators and panelists from around the world to talk about and discuss all things related to digital innovation, new technologies and digital futures. 

Opening remarks were provided by Mr. Wayne Golding, ABAC PNG Member and Chairman of Policy and Secretariat. During his speech, Mr. Golding expressed his excitement in working with co-host partner ABAC Chinese Taipei, and stated his gratitude to the attendees, speakers, media and the event organisers for their support and hardwork in making this event a reality. 

Attended by many international media outlets including BBC World, New York Times, the Financial Times, and numerous local Taipei television and print media, this was the first major event for 2018 to be hosted by ABAC PNG and sets a very high standard, as well as reassurance to the international community, on what could be expected in the upcoming APEC CEO Summit to be hosted by ABAC PNG in Port Moresby in November 2018. David Rowan, one of the keynote speakers, provided the comment that “this [was] one of the best organized and structured technology forums [he] has ever attended in the past few years”. 

ABAC Chairman and ABAC PNG Member David Toua spoke at the event’s Gala VIP Dinner and expressed the need for greater trade partnerships between APEC economies and the need for economies, including PNG, to embrace the digital future. He also invited guests to come and visit PNG saying “PNG has much to offer, with its unique culture and beautiful landscapes, and there are many opportunities in PNG to do greater business with our neighbouring communities”. 

Sir Charles Lepani, Director General of APEC PNG Coordination Authority gave the Closing Remarks on day two of the Forum. In his speech, he noted “the question of trust, consent 

and privacy has been well explored. These lead to significant questions on the protection of individual rights and in-turn to governance and concepts that underpin democracies and the way we are governed or will be governed as we move further into the digital innovation world”. Sir Charles concluded by saying “the theme of this year’s APEC is Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future, and this ABAC Digital Innovation Forum was exactly that”. 

PNG’s very own Digital Maker Nou Vada, Co-founder of Coin-sure, a new blockchain based cryptocurrency insurance firm, provide an insightful presentation to the very large but receptive crowd on where they are with their technology business and what they hope to achieve in the near future. The event was also attended by Isikeli Taureka, ABAC PNG Member and Chairman of APEC CEO Summit 2018, and various representatives from ABAC PNG sponsors. 

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Press Releases

All Press Releases from ABAC PNG are provided below in chronological order. 

Sandis Tsaka, APEC PNG, PNG RFL

PNG RFL Partners with APEC PNG to Promote APEC 2018

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

As PNG hosts the largest international event in history, APEC 2018, PNG’s official rugby

league federation, PNG RLF, confirms its partnership with the APEC PNG Coordination

Authority (APEC PNG) to promote Papua New Guinea to the world.

At a press conference held today, at the Oil Search National Football Stadium, the Papua

New Guinea Rugby Football League signed an MOU with APEC PNG, allowing the two

organisations to work closely together to promote PNG as the host country of this year’s

APEC events.

PNG RFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka said rugby league is proud to get behind the effort to

promote PNG. “We are excited to work with APEC PNG and are thankful for this opportunity

to be part of the excitement in the lead up to the various APEC meetings that will be hosted

here in PNG.”

Chairman Tsaka and PNG RFL CEO Reatau Rau also showcased the new PNG LNG Kumuls

jersey which prominently features the APEC PNG logo. The PNG LNG Kumuls will be wearing

these jerseys when they take on the Fiji Bati during the Test Matches held in Sydney later

this month. The APEC PNG logo will also be displayed on official uniforms of rugby league

players at various grade levels.

Three PNG RFL players have been selected to act as official brand ambassadors for APEC

PNG – Wartovo Puara, Moses Meninga and Radhley Brawa. “They will promote APEC at

various press conferences, media interviews, sporting and charity events and draw

important attention to this major event” said CEO Reatau Rau.

Minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, MP expressed his appreciation to PNG RFL. “This is a

great partnership and we are looking forward to working closely with PNG RFL, their

management team and brand ambassadors to making APEC an international success”.